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Find-out Friday

Good morning Naturalists! 


Today we are hosting our Find-Out Friday Live at our new time from 11AM-12PM CST from our Facebook page!  Come ask us your questions, or share your experiences with nature!  This week we'll be exploring food webs in the Ozarks, including a focus on some of the most amazing plants and animals that live here!

What's Going on at ONSC?

Our Teacher-Naturalists love to get out and explore.  Here's some of the discoveries and spring updates from out here at the Science Center!


The week started off very cold, with snow sticking to some of our cedars early in the week.  This killed some of the leaves and flowers, but many plants were established enough at this time to survive the colder nights.  We've been seeing lots of cardinals, carolina wrens, and chipping sparrows around our feeders, and at 6am, the birds are beginning their dawn chorus, which is worth waking up early for!  Our eastern phoebes have completed the building of their nest for the season and if their comings and goings are any signal, we should have baby phoebes begging for food soon!  We rounded out the week with some warmer temperatures giving us a great view of some new moths.  The featured moth this week is the dogwood thyatrid moth, with its interesting patches of color!  We also have been seeing tons of butterflies, including this aptly-named tiger swallowtail.


 And Sunday, we found some small grape leaves (which we left) and the young shoots of the greenbrier bush, which are edible when young and taste a bit like asparagus or green beans (but don't eat anything you find in the woods unless an adult that knows what they're talking about tells you it's okay!).  Overall, we had a very exciting week!


Some other sightings included a gray fox (which can climb trees!), rabbits, white-tailed deer, and skinks (the lizards around here that have blue tails), all of which were too fast to catch on camera. 


And in case you were missing the lovely sounds of nature, here's a short sound clip from Monday morning's dawn chorus.  How many birds can you hear calling in this video?

Dawn chorus

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