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Guided Night Hikes

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” 

- Sarah Williams 

ONSC Exploration 4.png

Come and explore the wonderful

dark side of ONSC!


3-person minimum, 15-person maximum, $17 per person


1-2 hours, varied distances

Choose between our Night Exploration and our Extended Night Hike:

Ready to Schedule a Night Hike?


Contact our Program Manager, Renee Valentine, by email or call 479-202-8340 to schedule your hike!


Topics covered during night hikes:



Living Creatures of the night



Pond life

Science at night


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Night Exploration

Surrounded by 15,000 acres of dark Ozark forest, our skies are truly amazing.  Learn about the stars as they shine brightly and the history of their myths.  Listen for soft rustles of nocturnal animals and call in the owls!  Watch for bats and shadows across the night sky. 


After we explore a trail and walk by the star-lit pond, we will head back to the campus for s’mores around the campfire. Cost includes s'mores ingredients!

Extended Night Hike

After the sun goes down, a new world emerges. This is the night hike that goes a little farther into the forest for more experienced hikers.  We will take Boti trail and come out on a beautiful overlook at Wishing Rock under an amazing open vista over Bear Hollow. 


Learn the stars and their mythology as we watch night fliers and hear their calls.  After the overlook, we will return to campus as we hear soft rustles of nocturnal animals. We will end back at the Lewis Pavilion for s’mores around the campfire. Cost includes s'mores ingredients!  


Join us for an amazing night at Ozark Natural Science Center that you will never forget

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