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Parent Information

"I came here as a 5th grader and the Ewing Centre was the only building here. Now, I got to come back with my daughter. It is a great program. I've always remembered it and so will she"

                                                                                                                 -Aaron, Janie Darr parent chaperone 

ONSC is more than just a field trip

For more than 30 years, we have enjoyed sharing our Ozark big backyard with over 60,000 visiting children. Together, we have hiked our scenic trails, gazed at a star-filled sky, and laughed around the campfire all while providing a great educational experience that helps children to better achieve in school.


To register your child for his/her program, please contact your child's teacher to

obtain the registration link specifically for your child's school/program.  

Feel free to contact us at anytime for any questions you may have.


While here, your child will:


  • Apply hands-on science skills that will be used back in the classroom

  • Explore, discover, and learn in a safe outdoor environment

  • Eat quality food that is both kid-friendly as well as healthy

  • Build independence skills

  • Strengthen friendships

  • Create lifelong memories


Important milestones:


For many this is their child’s first night away from home; for others, their child may be used to sleepovers. Given that we see so many children with so many different overnight experiences, we go the extra mile to make sure all children feel safe and secure while here.


Our safety policies include:

  • Children will never be alone with another child or adult. Most of the time is spent in a teacher created field group that is full of classmates. 

  • ONSC staff is trained and prepared to handle any emergency that may happen; although, most situations only required a Band-Aid. 

  • All adults, including ONSC staff, parent chaperones, and teachers undergo background checks. Only properly screened adults are permitted. 

  • Trail hikes will not exceed student capabilities. Your child will only hike about a mile at a time. 

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