Summer Camps


June 14–20

For GT students entering 10th & 11th grade during the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year.​

AEGIS camp is made possible by:

Academic Enrichment for Gifted/Talented in Summer grant from Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education


For more information or apply for AEGIS camp here.


Fledgling Naturalist Camp

June 21, 5:00 PM – June 23, 6:00 PM

Children ages 7-10 will love our 3-day/2-night beginning adventure at ONSC as they explore the forest, learn nature skills, learn about wildlife and the wonderful world of the Ozarks under the guidance of our teacher naturalists. It is a fun, exciting, and life-changing experience as they grow in confidence and understanding of our beautiful natural world.  $199/child.


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Wilderness Skills Expedition

June 7, 5:00 PM – June 13, 10:00 AM

Come explore the wild beauty and amazing creatures of the Ozarks in this 6-day/6-night adventure for 13 to 15 year old campers in the heart of the wilderness that is ONSC.  Our older campers will take their exploration to a deeper level as they hike, paddle and camp during their stay. They will hunt waterfalls, visit caverns and explore Bear Hollow Creek as they learn primitive skills and native lore. This adventure includes an overnight camp out by the Kings River and canoeing the next day. Come join us for a once in a lifetime adventure!  $695/child.


Junior Naturalist Camp

June 24, 5:00 PM – June 27, 10:00 AM

Welcome to the world of exploration for 10 to 12 year old campers.  This 4-day/3-night adventure will thrill young adventurers as they explore local caverns, creeks and critters under the guidance of our teacher naturalists.  With the extra day of exploration, these campers will explore the beautiful Ozark forest as they hunt for waterfalls, fossils and the heart of Bear Hollow Creek.  A whole new world opens in this adventure. $395/child.