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ONSC Board of Directors

ONSC's Board of Directors is accepting applications. We seek a diverse board with a wide variety of skills, including fundraising, ecology, leadership and management, human resources, finance, business, IT, community relations, education, networking, and more! If you are interested in joining our board or one of our committees, contact us or apply today!


Volunteer as a committee member on one of the following committees:

(service on the full Board of Directors is optional)

  • Marketing

    • Assist ONSC staff and other committee members to create a marketing plan

    • Fine-tune ONSC's branding and other marketing materials

    • Assist with marketing and social medi content

  • Fundraising and Events

    • Help ONSC raise funds through donors, membership, and fundraisers

    • Work with ONSC to form strategic plans and visions for financial stability

    • Help ONSC staff plan and execute a silent auction, giving program, and entertainment for event

  • Facilities and Land

    • Help ONSC staff assess the buildings and land

    • Maintain records of buildings, assets, major changes, and records that pertain to the land and facilities on the campus

    • Maintain knowledge of property easements and restrictions within ANHC

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