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Connect With Nature From Home With Our Virtual Programs! 

We have many virtual options for you! Use them to learn from home, or to prepare for a visit to Ozark Natural Science Center for an on-site Exploration Adventure.

ON(line)SC 8-Week Course

With videos and PowerPoints, your child or student will be engaged and excited to learn more about the natural world and the amazing science that is right around your home and school. These lessons include hands-on experiences, data collection, observations, reflection, artistic expression and play while teaching conservation and stewardship of the Ozark forest and our planet. The weekly lessons consist of 4 videos and teacher PowerPoint presentations.  A weekly bonus lesson, Food for Thought, will lead students through the importance of food waste reduction and its direct impact in their daily lives.

  1. The Spheres

  2. Decomposition

  3. Nature at Night

  4. Energy Flow

  5. Nature Superhero

  6. Nature Writing

  7. Forces of Nature

  8. Naturalist Grab Bag

Virtual Lessons by Topic

Follow your interests, topic by topic. You'll find lessons about raccoons, snakes, owls, and so much more in ONSC's collection of Learning in the Virtual Environment (L.I.V.E.) videos. You can also explore our many other educational videos, ranging from plants and animals to virtual events.

Custom Virtual Programs

If you're not finding what you need, we're happy to work with you and create the perfect virtual program for you, your child, or your student. 

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