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Welcome to ON(line)SC's Virtual Learning!

Join our Teacher Naturalists for 8 weeks of fun and interesting topics by exploring ONSC and the world around us, virtually!
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Fluffy Clouds

Welcome to a study of the four spheres that make up our wonderful world.  Learn about the Geosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and the Biosphere as our Teacher Naturalists guide you through experiments and explore how the spheres differ and interact with each other.

Image by Martin Sepion

Have you ever wondered what happens to things when they die?  Where does that energy go?  This week of study focuses on the amazing things that are part of the decomposition process.  The Teacher Naturalists at ONSC teach us to break it down with bacteria, fungus and invertebrates as they experiment with the amazing cycles of life.


After the sun goes down, a new world emerges. Learn how eyes and your sense of sight change at night, about astronomy and the nocturnal adaptations found in the Ozark forest. Activate more senses with stargazing, nocturnal sounds and dancing the Cool Cat. Experiment with different types of luminescence-light and learn why things glow at night.  

Wind Turbines

Join us as we explore the energy flow in nature.  Through the world of Food Webs, learn how energy moves through nature as plants and animals get the energy they need to live and survive. Get ready to explore how their populations are kept under control by this energy exchange as we discover consumers and producers in the natural world.

Kids with Capes

When we think of superheroes we often think of the heroes we see in movies and comic books.  However, you don’t need to wear a cape or a mask to be a superhero for nature!  Discover how to be a hero for nature through Stewardship and the lessons of bravery with the Lorax.  Gather your superhero powers with the Citizen Science team and learn to practice them in your own neighborhood.


Have you ever wondered how we learn so much about the world around us?  That is because Scientists and Naturalists explore the world and record it.  Learn to make your own journal where you write and draw your natural science story.  Let the Scientist Poet Artist in you grow as we explore the world.  These lessons give you the power to change the world!

Image by Ezra Jeffrey-Comeau

Explore the big powerhouses of the natural world.  These are the factors that cause major dramatic change to the earth, Water, Fire and Humans.  With an art project and by exploring your neighborhood, you can see these changes in action.  Learn about how Nature and Humans make great change and how we can do it more responsibly for all who share our planet.

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Follow the five favorite topics of our Teacher Naturalists as you discover Wildflowers with Mr. Matt, Herping with Ms. Bailey, Birds with Ms. Lauren, Entomology with Dr. Joanie and Invasive Species with Ms. Sarah.  These lessons will teach you pirate tricks, short cuts and secret ways to delve deeper into natural science and explore to your heart’s content.  Happy hunting!

Kids' Paintings

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