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Good morning, Naturalists! 


We hope that you have had a successful first day as a nature superhero!  Yesterday we discussed how to be a good steward of nature.  Today, we are going to be using our super-powered minds to solve a problem. 


Here at ONSC we have our own team of nature superheroes who have used their superhuman acting skills to put on a play of one of our favorite stories, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  So grab some popcorn, sit back, and click on the link below to watch us on the silver screen!

Now that you have watched our award-winning performance of The Lorax, It’s time for you to write down some of your thoughts on the play.


Take some time to write down your thoughts on these questions:

  • What happened in The Lorax?  Write out your own version of what happened in the story.

  • What is a “thneed”?  Did the Chap who bought the first thneed really need it?  What are some real life examples of “thneeds” we have in our lives?

  • How did the character’s treat each other?  Did it help them meet their goals, or make it more difficult?  What were the results of their actions towards each other?

  • How could the story have ended differently?  How could the characters have reacted differently than they did in the story that might have changed the ending?

  • How is this story similar to “real life”?

  • What were some seemingly “small” choices that were made, and how did they affect the way the story played out?  How can “small” choices affect the human and natural communities around us? 

  • Finally, what would you do if you had been given the last Truffula seed?


Use this worksheet to help you answer some of the questions:

After you’ve written down your thoughts and answers to these questions it’s time for you to get in on The Lorax action.  Some ideas on how to get involved:


  • With a buddy, put on your own version of the play-either the original or a version with a happier ending!

  • Read the story to a younger sibling.

  • Nurture the plants in your yard or garden

  • Take some time to learn about the animals in your community and how you can attract them to your lawn.

  • Create your own “Unless” rock to place outside your house.

  • Take a walk and see if you can find examples of where people have been acting in ways similar to the characters in the story.

  • Choose a “thneed” in your life and put it away for the rest of the week.  Without that item, what changes in your life?


Thank you for joining us today, nature superheroes!  We’ll be revisiting this story on Friday, so send us your questions, comments, and stories!   We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering The Lorax with us as we explore the world of being a superhero for nature.  Tomorrow, we’ll use our super-sleuthing skills to get involved with real science in our communities! 

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page or Socialmedia@onsc.us for more cool stuff and remember to tune in to Find Out Friday at 11:00AM CST where we’ll be live at ONSC to answer your questions and stream the Ozarks in the springtime.  Until tomorrow, happy exploring!

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