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Find-out Friday

Good evening Naturalists! 


Today we are hosting our Find-Out Friday Live from 8PM-9PM CST from our Facebook page!  Come ask us your questions, or share your experiences with nature!  Tonight we will be trying to call in an owl, or perhaps we will find an armadillo!  Nightfall is full of surprises!

What's Going on at ONSC?

Our Teacher-Naturalists love to get out and explore.  Here's some of the discoveries and spring updates from out here at the Science Center!


Our wildflowers have been moving along quite nicely, with trilliums (red flower) and mayapples (white flower) now in bloom.  We took a picture of the full moon on Tuesday night from our porch, and although you can't see them, many bats were flitting around eating the first batch of mosquitoes.  A light-ribboned wave moth and luna moth visited and a male brown-headed cowbird came to eat the cracked corn set out to distract our squirrels.


And in case you were missing the lovely sounds of nature, here's a short sound clip from the night of the full moon, showcasing the whip-poor-will loudly repeating its name over and over again, as well as a croaking call that we believe to be a heron using the bright night sky to travel!  Many birds will use the stars as a means to find their way this time of the year as they migrate north to their spring breeding grounds.

Whip poor will and heron

Finally, here is Ms. Sarah doing a dance that we share with our ONSC student naturalists at our campfires.

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