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Greetings fellow heroes and welcome to our final day of Nature Superheroes Week.  Today, we are going to tie together everything that we have done this week and discover why being nature heroes is so important.


Before we begin, let’s take some time to do our Food for Thought program for the week - Family Food! 

Now, let’s all think back to what we explored on Monday: how to be a steward of nature.  Look at the small changes you can make to help protect the planet.  Being an effective steward is one of the best ways to be a nature superhero.  But why is being a steward of the earth so important? 


Use your imagination and imagine that your parents ask you to do what everyone loves to do the very most: clean their room.  However, you decide that cleaning your room isn’t important, so you don’t clean it.  What starts to happen?  The longer you leave your room uncleaned, will it become easier for you to live there? Harder? 


On a larger scale, the Earth is our home, and it’s our job as nature superheroes and stewards to take care of it.  If we are not good stewards of our home and don’t keep it clean, it becomes harder for us to live.  If we are not good stewards of the earth what might life be like for us?  For the people who live after us?


Now let’s think about some of the things we discovered on Tuesday when we watched the play of The Lorax.  Was the Lorax a good steward of nature?  Was the Once-ler?  When the Once-ler started chopping down the Truffula Trees how did it affect other living things in that habitat?  How could both the Once-ler and the Lorax have been better stewards?

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot….nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”-Dr. Seuss

Now let’s think back to what we discovered yesterday.  Citizen science is another great way to be a nature superhero.  By participating in citizen science projects like eBird or iNaturalist we help other nature superheroes around the world with their research.  And when we help other nature superheroes we become nature superheroes ourselves.

We are all part of this world, it is our home and our job to care for the earth so that people who live after us can safely live here and enjoy things like hiking, kayaking, clean water, and pizza.  Everything on Earth is connected to everything else, and we with every other living thing.  Our actions today not only affect the people who come after us, but also the plants and animals of tomorrow.  It is our job to be stewards of the Earth to protect what we care about for generations to come.


Now I know what you might be thinking, are you crazy, take care of the whole world? I'm just one person.  That’s true, each of us is just one person, but every single one of us has the power to make a difference in the world- no matter how young or old we are.  It does not need to be a large difference.  In fact, most big changes start out small so even a small difference (like planting one single seed) can grow into something amazing. 


And to our younger readers, you actually have more power to change the planet than any of our teacher naturalists, your teachers, or your parents will ever have again in their entire lives.  You have more years to make those differences, and they add up!  How amazing is that?


So you see, it’s really not that hard to be a nature superhero, but it is important.  And the more nature superheroes there are the stronger we each become.  Just like superheroes in comic books join together to form teams that can conquer any supervillain, nature superheroes can work together to make bigger and better changes toward protecting our home.


So we salute you.  Thank you, brave hero, for joining us this week in exploring how to be a superhero for the Earth. 

Be sure to join us next week for another great topic.  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to our Find Out Friday, where we will answer your questions about nature live.  So send those questions in to our Facebook page or to Socialmedia@onsc.us

Until we meet again the power is yours.

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