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Find-out Friday

Good morning Naturalists! 


Today we are hosting our Find-Out Friday Live at our new time from 11AM-12PM CST from our Facebook page!  Come ask us your questions, or share your experiences with nature!  This week we'll be exploring ways that we can help the planet!

What's Going on at ONSC?

Our Teacher-Naturalists love to get out and explore.  Here's some of the discoveries and spring updates from out here at the Science Center!


This week, we practiced citizen science by sending many of these pictures to iNaturalist!  Our cricket frogs have started calling down at the pond much more, sounding like two marbles clicking together.  We found a very healthy-looking ringneck snake (a safe-to-handle snake that stays small and eats a lot of garden pests) soaking up sunshine.  Spiders have also been helping reduce the population of gnats and mosquitoes, so they are always welcome outside the center.  We have some smaller flowers blooming, attracting pollinator species like this zabulon skipper.  Even after getting hail last week (pictured below as well!), our trails are continuing to become greener by the day!  Finally, our teacher-naturalists are gearing up to watch a large number of migratory birds like this rose-breasted grosbeak passing through!  Keep your eyes open for this bird that readily comes to bird feeders, but is only in the Ozarks for a few short weeks each year.


And in case you were missing the lovely sounds of nature, here's a short sound clip from just before the thunderstorm last week. 


Other Parent Resources

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